Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Day of Rest....NOT

Today we started off meeting with Sasha and Lena again. We talked with them for 3 1/2 hours about some situations in their church. Big problems with people that they don't know how to solve. The families here are so messed up and they have several serious issues in families. So that filled up most of our morning off. Then we had lunch and met with the young couple we met with last night. After that we met with our interpreter for a few hours, she has many questions and it was fun to answer them. We are now getting ready to go meet with our friends Sergei and Natasha. Sergei is our worship leader and we have known him for 7 years. So we will have some good fellowship with them and then hopefully have a little down time before bed. Tomorrow will be full as well since we teach all day. We are really counting the days until we return home. Pray for any missionaries you know since being away from family is the hardest part of what they do for the Lord.
Have a blessed day.
Wayne and Sherry

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M. said...

Ha!!! You have been in ministry long enough to know that Sunday is NEVER a day of rest for those who minister in the church. I am not sure what God's direction is, to make it better, but He still wants you to TAKE a day of rest at some point. There used to be secular laws forbidding working 7 days in a row!! Be like the Apostle Paul, and stay focused these last few days, running the race. And then rest when you can. His grace is sufficient! Love you, M.

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