Saturday, July 12, 2008


Today has been very busy. We started early with prayer and then at 10 met with two couples and a single woman to do a mini seminar on marriage and prep for marriage. The time went well. We taught on the differences between men and women because they said that the conflicts they have are centered on these differences. Anyway, we did that and ministered to them until 3 and then had to leave to go to our friends house for dinner. Now believe me when we say you have not eaten until you are invited to a Ukrainian home for dinner. You start off with what we would consider a full meal, meat, potatoes and salad and assorted juices. They encourage you to eat seconds and if you do not know better you do, becauseeeeeeeeeeeeeee when you finally finish and are full they bring out another full course dinner with a different meat or cabbage rolls and potatoes. Finally you are finished with dinner and huge platters of sweets are brought in for you. Today we had homemade pastries called Napoleons. They are phillo dough stuffed with rich cream. Also you are given coffee or tea and then when you finish that a huge platter of fruit is brought out to you to cleanse your pallate. We are very full. But the fellowship was wonderful and we were shown several DVDs of family pictures plus an album. It is very important to the Ukranian culture to look at pictures.
We stayed for 3 hours and have just returned to our apt. so Wayne can study for preaching tomorrow. If you are reading this on Saturday, please pray for us before you go to bed tonite. We have a very full day tomorrow with preaching, dinner with the pastors family and then a meeting with the people we met with today plus preparation for our seminar beginning on Monday. It is so good to hear from so many of you
Blessings, Wayne and Sherry


Anonymous said...

I'm glad all is going well with your trip. I think it would be an awesome adventure to go to a different country. God bless you both and I will be praying for you.
Lisa G.

M. said...

Well, it is 3 p.m., your time,(Sunday) and I am just getting up and going, here. So, I am asking the Lord to empower my "retroactive" prayers for you--------He is not limited by time nor space, is He? He knows my heart. I am sure your morning went well, that the grace was there in your time of need, and that He was blessed thru it all. LOve you and am STILL praying! M.

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