Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Day That Never Ends

This has been one long day. We started at 6 with prep for our session, taught that until lunch time then met with a couple from Sasha's community. The problems these people deal with are so serious that it is imperative that we give godly advice. This particular couple have been married for 12 years and the wife has epilepsy and is also mentally ill. She has fits of violence and her poor husband is beside himself trying to help her. Sometimes she takes knives and threatens to kill herself or the kids or her mom. It is a very serious problem. We spent almost 3 hours with them and were able to help him see how to minister to her as her protector. Sasha and Lena stayed in the room with us so they could learn and were a great help since they are friends with this couple. We finished with them and then had another apt. with someone we meet with each time we are here to do some follow up counseling. Then ate a quick meal and off to do an evening teaching session at one of the local churches. God is so faithful. The pastor had asked Wayne to teach on the family and picked the topic ways parents provoke their children to anger. Thankfully he was prepared with that teaching so with our busy schedule we were able to commit it to prayer without a lot of study. After the meeting the people had lots of questions. Oh and a lovely woman we ministered to 8 years ago was at the church to surprise us. It was so good to see this sister. She and her daughter were in our first marriage seminar here when her daughter was just engaged. Anyway, it is always good to see old friends and hear how the Lord has used the teachings in their lives. Pray for us as we finish up tomorrow. We will spend the afternoon doing counseling, go to dinner with Vasiko and Tanya and then come back and pack to head home. We will spend Saturday in Kosice Slovakia resting before our trip home. Kosice is a lovely city that is quaint and has lots of parks in the city to sit in and watch the birds and just be quiet. We are anxious to get home and back to our family and the church. Hopefully we will see you all this next week.
Blessings, Wayne and Sherry

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