Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hi everyone, Day 1 has gone well. We have a diverse group of couples of all ages and 4 single women and 1 single guy her with his fiance. They were attentive and excited about what they were learning. It is amazing to us that people here have not heard the truth of the word on marriage. In the U.S. we have so much available to us and we don't' realize how blessed we are as a people. Wayne taught on the purpose of marriage today and the role of the husband as a servant leader and lover. Sherry will teach on Wed. and will cover the role of the woman. Please pray for each couple. WE have already started counseling them and have an apt. tonight as well. Today, Tuesday, we are going to meet with our dear friend Valody and his wife for lunch and then will come back to our apt. to study and prepare for tomorrow.
On a personal note, we apparently had a wee beastie visiting our bed each night and we would wake up with bite marks on our bodies that were swelling, but when we would turn on the light, no beastie. So we prayed last night before we went to sleep and wallahhhhhhhhhh no bite marks last night. PTL and we got a good nights rest.
Thanks for all the prayer.


Anonymous said...

Good Day Pastor Wayne & Sherry,
We enjoyed singing your birthday wishes at church on Sunday! Hope you had a nice one. Glad your doing well and no bed bugs !
My Mary Kay director is on her way to the Ukraine on the 15th. She and her husband are adopting two children from there.
Take care and we will write again.
Love Todd and Regina

Lisa said...

Good to hear from you. I love each and every update! Had a wonderful time of prayer for you guys this morning. I really felt the Lord's presence and prompting.

I hope you'll share lots and lots about your trip with us upon your return -- a whole sermon would be nice! =D I think we could all learn a lot from your experiences.

Will pray for each couple as well as the singles attending your workshops and counseling.

Glad God got rid of your little nightly visitors. Ewwww!

Love, Lisa

Anonymous said...

Well we sang Happy birthday but we wanted to write it too, but I just figured out how to do this, so it is a little late. Sorry!!!!

We are thinking of you and praying for you!
ohh my ... we hope your bed bugs stay away, that is terrible..we miss you two very much!
Hope all is well and stays that way...We will be back.
Keith and Joanna Christine

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