Saturday, April 14, 2018


Well we have arrived safely in Riga Latvia after 20 hours of travel.  Thankfully the sun is shining and it is actually very warm for this time of year. Today's high will be 65 so we will have our windows open wide to let in the warm air.  When we arrived yesterday evening it was still in the 60's.  As you can imagine everyone here is happy for the spring like weather which is unusual for this time of year.  We are more thankful. LOL

Our travel this year was wonderful.  We had a day pass to United Club so we put it to good use when we arrived in Chicago for our 6  1/2 hour layover.  The Clubs are like a luxury  hotel lobby, comfy chairs, lots of soft music, phone rooms and free food and beverages.  It helped the time past quickly.

Our flight was a real blessing.  We had been bumped up to Premier economy which is actually Business class on LOT airline. Our seats were huge, we had 38 inches between us  and the row ahead of us, and they served us on real china , real glassware and  real silverware.  We also had pillows with real cotton covers and nice thick blankets.   The first thing we did upon getting seated was to call our friends Lud and Mur Golz from the plane to tell them we had been bumped up.  We have a running joke with them since Lud gets bumped up to first class on a regular basis and always call us from the plane to rub it in.  Well this time it was our turn.  Business is definitely not first class, but close.  Anyway, Lud's laughter was delightful and made our day knowing he was rejoicing with us on such a huge blessing from the Father.  And Sherry was like a country girl in the city for  the fist time saying such things as golly will you look at that.  We also both slept on the plane which made a huge difference in how we feel. The jet lag is minimal today.

Our hotel room is lovely. We stay at this hotel each year for a few days to get over our jet lag before we start teaching but this year we will be ministering right away so won't have the same rest time.  Tonight we will be speaking to a group of around 50 young adults who are either engaged or newly  married.  Some are not believers yet.  Please pray specifically for our time with them to be fruitful.  We will be sharing our testimony, teaching and answering questions and praying for those who want prayer.   We will update you tomorrow on how it goes.

Lastly please pray for Sherry's phone and computer. For some reason we are not able to download the pictures she is taking and therefore cannot share them with you.  :<((( Not a very spiritual request, but  important no less.

God bless you all.
Much love,
PW and Sherry

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