Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Today we finished up our foundational teachings for the class and tomorrow we move on to the practical applications.  This is our favorite part as we give assignments that will help them to walk out what we have been teaching.   The students asked tons of questions today and seemed to be really grasping the content. They were coming up with questions about situations that needed counsel and were trying to figure out how to proceed so the rest of the week will be extremely helpful for them.

Here are some pictures from the day. 

Rain and 45.  Gloomy view from our window

But the flower perks up the view.  It makes me happy.

Natasha is such a joy.  She dresses up each day for the students and is always so pretty

Look at that pretty smile.  

Chapel service, two students from last year. Arnold is translating into Russian for Birgitta who spoke her testimony in English for us.  She has an amazing story of redemption. 

Our class saying hello to you

Soviet era tower. We thought it was interesting with the wood top on a brick base.

No honey there is no pizza on this menu. 

Shaslink or Kabobs and veggies.  Delicious 

Dessert of Tiramisu - no weight loss on this trip 

Today really was a good day. We are so honored to be here and allowed to share with these young adults who are preparing for life by giving one year to the Lord.   Our greatest joy is when we come back year after year and former students come to visit us and tell us their stories and how the Lord used the principles we taught to help them.  

Prayer focus for tomorrow: 
We will be speaking at chapel. 
That the teaching would give life not just knowledge.
That we would be anointed by God to speak with power and to sense His direction.
That the students would be hungry for the word and engaging.
That their lives would be changed forever. 
That God would speak to us as we prepare for our ministry in Poland over the weekend.  
That God would continue to give grace and health to our family and Church back home.
For Pastor Bill and Edie Bradshaw who have come down with the flu and had to cancel their cruise. 

Much love, 
PW and Sherry

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