Wednesday, April 25, 2018


We are back home and trying to reflect on this past week.   The only way we can describe it is that we walked into a Charis (Grace) moment.  There is no other explanation.   From the first meeting on Saturday night to the last meeting on Monday evening we were the recipients of a supernatural encounter that we had nothing to do with .   We have never sensed Gods favor to the degree we did on this particular trip.   God has been doing something in The Lord is Our Banner Christian Center in Tarnow. The love and unity that are being expressed in this body of believers is unique.  The Pastor said that this has been going on for 3 years now and has no explanation other than God.  We can only bow down in  humility for what the Lord has allowed us to experience.

Monday we had the joy of sitting with this brother, Robert Gregson  from the Church and getting to know him. The weather was lovely so we spent most to the day sitting on the porch and fellowshipping. 

Getting ready for prayer meeting

Some of the brothers from the Church who come to pray each Monday 

Some more folks coming to pray

Pastor Jan and Baisia 

The prayer meeting is wonderful. Each week those who come share what the Lord spoke to them from the Worship and Sermon  and then pray into those matters.  We were humbled as those who came shared what the Lord did through our ministry.   We never ever would have thought that God could use our testimony to touch lives the way He did this weekend.  Only God..........

On the way to Latvia we had paid for extra leg room seats and then we were upgraded to Business class seats and did not have to pay for them so we were able to rest and arrived in Riga ready to minister and did not have jet lag at all. 

Now for another one the surprising things that we experienced.  When we got to Warsaw and were in line to board the plane, we handed our tickets to the agent and she said oh wait a minute and then she reissued boarding passes to us, we looked down and low and behold our seat numbers were 2 A and B.......they had upgraded us to FIRST CLASS. Can you believe it? We were speechless.  It did not cost us a cent other than what we paid for the extra leg room seats.  So of course we were like two country bumpkins seeing the city for the first are some of the pictures we had to take to remember this blessing from the Lord.  I kept pinching myself to see if this was a dream and could almost sense Jesus chuckling at me as He watched.  Thank you Lord. 

Real glasses and little plates, this was before the plane had even taken off. 

Can you see that my legs are straight?  They are recliners

Soup on a plane? And real white table cloth.  It was delicious too. 

Take a look at this turkey and potato with dill and a butter sauce on a real plate.  

Did I tell you that you can lay down flat on a real pillow with a real blanket?  It felt like a luxury hotel room

Note all the writing on the menu........yes they give you choices

This was our meal before we landed.  Smoke salmon, lamb slices in a sauce with a green salad, and spinach ravioli in alfredo sauce.  This was my favorite meal. 

The blessing did not end in the plane...our flight was one hour late arriving in Chicago which caused us to miss our flight home, so the airline put us up for the night in a Hilton hotel and provided meal vouchers too.  

This was our lovely room.

We arrived home to this.  It is My birthday today,  and my grand girls had decorated my kitchen with a paper chain and posters and flowers and cards.  

IT is good to be home.  We have had no jet lag at all on this whole trip which is very unusual, but then again God has poured out His grace and favor on us this whole trip like never before.  We are humbled, energized and thankful for all He has done. 

We have been invited to come to Poland again in October and also to Latvia in May.  We by faith scheduled our Latvian bible school trip for next May for two weeks so we can be at the Schools 10 year anniversary and graduation ceremony. 

Thank you to all of you who have prayed and given so we could go. Thank you to our Church family for allowing us to go and represent them and thank you to Paul Howard for filling the pulpit and doing an excellent job of teaching so PW and I and Pastor Bill and Edie could go on vacation at the same time.  

We love each one of you.  
PW and Sherry

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Lois Flynn said...

What sweet humility and awe you express! I'm sure the Lord is delighted to have gifted you and sent you in such a manner.

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