Wednesday, April 18, 2018


Wow just about the time we settle in it is almost time to go home. We have reached the half way point today and tomorrow we will begin finishing up.  The week has flown by.

Anyway, today was full and the students once again had tons of questions. We had the privilege of sharing our testimony in Chapel. We are always amazed at how God uses our history and subsequent testimony of what He did in our marriage.  Several students were in tears and afterward there were many more questions.  God is so faithful to use our greatest failures to minister to others. One woman came to me in tears and said God used what we shared to answer some questions and to heal her heart. Thank you God.

We received an email right before lunch from Danny Pedraza who leads the school and he asked if PW would be willing to preach tonight at his Church.  We have gone there many times before and it is always a joy, but this time we had no prep time. God loves to do that to PW. 😉 God as usual came through and PW preached a powerful message to these brothers and sisters on the purpose of sex.  I know, are you blushing yet?  Well it was not that kind of message but it was an exhortation to understand God's purposes so we don't misuse His gifts.  It was very good and the people came up afterward and thanked him  PTL.

Here are today's pictures- this was clean up day so the I took pictures of the students cheerfully doing their work.  

Thank you so much for praying for us.  We ask that tomorrow your prayer focus would be that we will know what additional teachings to do to minister to this group.
Please pray for the small group time with the students that they would all participate and learn.
Please pray for them to comprehend all that has been taught this week so that it will be life changing. 

Much love, 
PW and Sherry

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Lois Flynn said...

I'm sure you'll be led to another trip before you know it. Will be praying as you requested!

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