Friday, April 20, 2018


I think I say every time we leave a place where we have poured out our hearts it is bittersweet. This time is no exception.  Yesterday was full of teaching and small group exercises and answering tons of questions which is always fun. PW finished up the basic course and had time to teach on two extra topics which the students chose.  Worry and Anger.  So yesterday he taught on Overcoming Worry and then today finished up with Overcoming Anger teachings.  The students this year were very mature and serious.  It was easy to see which students were especially intrigued by the topics and that will most likely pursue more study in the future, but all admitted that this week taught them how to overcome issues in their own lives.  Praise God

After school yesterday we went to spend the evening with Danny and Damaris Pedraza in their new home.  It was such a treat to spend time with these two warriors for God.  They have been in this country for over 20 years and have poured their lives into the people God has brought across their paths. They moved from Argentina to Belarus first then to Latvia after serving several years. They started by planting a Church in a coastal city on the other side of Riga and over the years have made many friends and contacts in the country. They moved to Riga around 8 years ago so they could oversee the Baltic School of Ministry where we teach. They also are Pastoring a Russian Church in the town of Jelgava and they are working with Church planting teams.  To say they are busy is an understatement, but they so love what they do and find such joy in pouring out their lives.  They are a true blessing to the body of Christ.  They will hopefully be visiting us in our Church in Chardon in August.  We cannot wait for our congregation to meet them.

A former student of ours given this testimony in Chapel. He is serving full time in a Church and is recently married. 

A gorgeous sunny day with temps in the high 50's. The trees are putting forth small green leaves.

Small group activity - counseling practice

Small group activity 

Serious conversation going on 

Danny and Damaris in their lovely living room

Our trusty translator Arnold who was a student last year.  

A highlight every year as the students pray for us and bless us. They have no idea how powerful this time is to us and to the other teachers.  Before this they presented us with a gift of Latvian foods and a new notebook.

Our sweet Natasha saying goodbye as we leave the school. 

This year has been special to us in a different way than past trips. It is the first time we have come without Sherry's mom waiting at home.   Most of you now she passed away in January.  But her sweater came with us and other things that she always insisted Sherry bring with her.   
We have also sensed prayer support in a more powerful way than ever before.  You have always prayed for us during these trips, but this year it just seemed we felt the prayers.  

We are sitting in the airport waiting for our plane to Poland.  We start ministry there tomorrow evening as we share our testimony at a couples meeting that the Tarnow Women's Aglow has arranged. Please pray for us to be especially sensitive the the Holy spirit so that we will share exactly the parts of our history that will touch the hearts of those God brings.  

As always thank you so much for your prayers and notes of encouragement.  WE love you. 
PW and Sherry

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