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My precious husband called me and Face Timed me into the class today. I will share my insights at the end of the report from Paul.

This is from Paul about today's classes
He was laughing at me and I snapped the picture
Tuesday afternoon ended with students really engaged with the teaching. On Tuesday evening, Wayne and Paul took Mauro and Julia out to dinner (Latvian Pizza). They will be moving to near-by town (60 miles) and start a church.  Please pray for them because this is a huge undertaking and they will need income to do this.

Today, Wednesday, the teaching started with exams, then teaching on what information is needed to help (counsel), teaching on the heart, and how to give hope. What was a really wonderful experience, was the morning worship time.  This was student led, and then a sermon from one of the Argentinian students (they rotate each week).  The sermon was really good, and afterwords, the students and staff critiqued the sermon. :-) !!!!!!  The favorable comments and critique were lovingly given and well-received.  This is not seminary or actual Bible school, yet, these students are getting a one-year crash course in Bible, theology, personal relationship with God, prayer, hermeneutics, homiletics, and from the CCF team, counseling (definition: counseling is 'joining with Holy Spirit in His work to affect someones life'). The students "got it" that any interaction with another person, where you are providing advice, can be counseling.

If you would like to help, please pray for student A.A.  He is really struggling with life issues and not engaged at this time. Pray for wisdom for the school staff (Pastor Danny and Mauro).

Today the students will also have to develop a counseling answer for a theoretical situation, and do it as a group. 

Paul shared with me that before he taught his session on gathering information he gave an illustration to show the importance. A Church staff member was left alone at the Church while the rest of the staff went somewhere, and while there a woman came in all flustered, her hair was a mess, her eye was black and she was bruised up and she said "my husband" and then burst into tears. The staff member immediately assumed that her husband was beating her and she was running for her life.  But reality the husband had just been diagnosed with cancer and when she heard the report she fainted and hit her face.  In desperation both of them started to look for support and when she saw the Church she ran ahead of him and came in the door in that condition......This powerful story and illustration shows why we need to always get information before we pass judgement if we are going to be able to help people. GOOD JOB PH.

Tonight (noon your time)  Paul preaches at Pastor Danny's church, with an interpreter.  Prayers would be appreciated.

What is impressive?  Spring is arriving, the students are in 11th month of 12 month program, and they are in class most of day ... yet ... they are on the edge of their seat with the teaching since the examples and issues being presented by Wayne and Paul relate to their life, either with parents, friends or themselves. 

What is scary?  They take great notes and challenge you if they think there is a contradiction :-)  Have to be on your toes. 

Paul clarifying the small group reports

They actually tag teamed which was fun to watch
Kind of like Laurel and Hardy in action
Can you guess which was in which?

It was fun to be apart of the class today.  I cannot begin to describe to you the joy it brings me that I can be there even though not in person. 

The students came up with names for their groups 

A. Disciples of Christ 
B. Popcorn
C.Cocoa Nuts
D.Worship Team

After their small group time each group chose a leader to come up and share what questions they would ask the family they were to counsel.  For the most part they did a good job, however as is usual  they jumped ahead and tried to give counsel before gathering all the information.  Paul did a great job clarifying to them what he was looking for and why.  I think they will get the hang of this by tomorrow.  Tomorrow is a long day so their will be more teaching and more small group work.  

Prayer is so appreciated on these trips. Please continue to pray that the teaching bring life not just more head knowledge. There a few students who are not engaging at all since they are tired and there are only 3 weeks left of school. Would you pray specifically that tomorrow the Holy Spirit gets hold of their hearts? 

I have no idea why the font sizes are different, gotta love these technological devices.  

Much Love, 
PW, Sherry, PH

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