Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Paul sent this just a few minutes ago about his day yesterday.  Sounds like things are going pretty well.

We were welcome to the school at 1115 am by 21 students.  Most of the students are from Latvia, with a few from other countries (England, Argentina).  As expected, it was a little cool at first; however, very quickly they warmed up to Wayne and his teaching style.  The students are are varying levels of understanding of the Scripture, yet it appears there is eagerness in all of them to learn more about the Lord.
Yesterday was an eyeopener that they will have a test at the end of the week, and that they have to perform a self evaluation on one sin area in their life. This morning the self evaluation was reinforced ... the the joy of some and the fear of others :-)
We had lunch with the Pastor Danny Pedraza in the cafeteria with the students. The lunch was sausage with either rice or pasta, salad and bread.  This was prepared by cooking staff. Dinner was prepared by the students and was leftovers. :-)  The students "volunteered" Paul to help in the kitchen tonight (he will do dishes !!!). :-)
Today Wayne and Paul will be teaching on counseling basics, counseling believers, counseling non-believers, how to gather information for counseling, and how to give the counseled hope.
Yesterday afternoon was so interesting.  Some of the students started asking really difficult questions showing they are deeply considering the mysteries of the Lord:  predestination (Eph 1:5,11) .. is God surprised by anything (e.g. Saul in 1 Sam 15:11) ... God is love but He told Hebrews to kill off people (e.g. Canaanites, Amalakites).  

Prayer requests: Please pray for the students to amass and learn this large amount of information. Please pray for Wayne and Paul for clarity of presentation. Today will be tag-team teaching.  Please pray for Pastor Danny who needs to move in May from Riga to Jelgava.

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