Sunday, April 23, 2017


Here is Paul's report about today.

Today is Sunday, and we went to the Russian Church that Danny cares for in Jelgava.  The people were very friendly and some knew some elementary English.  The worship time was very wonderful with a worship team of younger adults (3 men, 2 women) who sang beautifully.  The words to the worship songs were projected onto the wall - however, the words were in Russian :-)  One song was easy to sing, it was Paul Wilbur's Kadosh from the Jerusalem Arise album.  (side note from Sherry, we heard this group last year and they have the most glorious harmony and it is so easy to worship with them even though they sing in Russian.) 

The church was full, so maybe 80-100. Hard to count when on front row.

Special day recognizing April birthdays, and one couple that had 40th anniversary this week. 

Lots and lots of singing !!!

They fed us afterward (so hospitable !) but Danny and his wife had to run to Riga to another church, so our visit was short
The one thing that impacted me is that these folks really love the Lord. You can tell they really do. 

Pastor Wayne preached on the topic of choices.  He had an interpreter named Oxzana (also on the worship team).  He spoke of the liberty we have from God to make choices, and the fact that we are liable for the consequences of the choices. A central verse to the sermon was Joshua 24:14-15, and the fact that we have to make the choice regarding whom we will serve - God or man.  David made some excellent choices, and as we know regarding Uriah and Bathsheba, terrible choices that affected not only David, but Uriah, Bathsheba and the child. Shiphrah and Puah made a choice regarding a baby Hebrew (Exodus 1:15-16). Bartimaeus made a choice not to listen to the crowd, and kept calling for Jesus (Mark 10:46-52).  The principles that we should use to make choices include: (1) has God stated that something should (or should not) be done; (2) will the choice hurt my mind; () will the choice hurt my body; (4) will the choice enslave me to something (e.g  alcohol, drugs).

Several came up to Wayne and offered thanks for sermon.

Danny will pick Wayne and I up for breakfast (at school) at 8:30.  Wayne will move to school (room opens tomorrow afternoon).  Another room does not open until Tues or Wed, so I might stay here at the bomb shelter since I have Internet and my room is bigger than PW's.
Tomorrow starts the Bible School teaching.  Pray for us to have our biological clocks fully synchronized to the local time.

After a nice nap we had dinner at the hotel.  Here is a picture of PW enjoying his dinner and catching up on email and Paul doing normal faces.  

Hope you enjoyed Paul's report. Much prayer is needed as they begin this week of teaching.  Hopefully the guys will remember to take pictures for you.  
Pastor Bill did a great job this morning sharing the word in PW's absence. We love CCF and are so thankful for the support they offer us to be able to minister abroad.  
Much Love, Sherry and PW and Paul

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