Thursday, April 27, 2017


Today is Thursday, and we have a full day of classes.

Wayne and Paul in their element

Interesting story - during one break, two of the students were talking with us.  One was in the workforce and had a flat, and left it to attend this school for 1 year.  The other out off a career, and is at school.  They are here to get a better biblical foundation before continuing with life. Also, yesterday one of the students was talking with us about his life, the troubles in his life, and his fears.

Here are some pictures of the small groups working questions to ask a counsel

Ilva our translator

Last night we attended the church Pastor Danny Pedraza pastors.  The church service is conducted in Russian, that includes worship songs, and the Michael W. Smith 'heart of worship' song.  Paul (Павел) taught on spiritual warfare using Ephesians 6:10-18 and James 1:2-4 to explain how spiritual warfare interacts with our armor.  (no one threw tomatoes :-)  ). PW said PH did an excellent job

The students are getting teaching today on change - understanding it and committing to it.

If you are wondering about the food: breakfast is at 7:30am and is slice of bread with meat, slice of cheese, or slice of tomato, with thin slices of fruit, with coffee or tea; lunch (1:30am) is a soup (maybe), and meat (boiled chicken drumstick, sausage, etc) with shell pasta or 'rice' dish (barley), and a cabbage or beet root salad; the bread is a dark rye bread (rupjmaize); evening dinner (6:00pm) is left-overs, however, Wayne and Paul have used dinner to meet with school staff and eat differently than students (Tues-Thurs).  The students are responsible for cleaning the cafeteria and washing the dishes.  

Prayer request - please pray they continue to apply the life changing principles in their life to effect change.

This was from Paul and as you can tell they are having fun and seeing good response from the students.  PW said that PH has been a tremendous help and that he is thankful that he is there with him.  PTL for providing what we need.

Much love, 
PW, Sherry and PH

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