Monday, August 13, 2012


Today we had the privilege of ministering at the City of LIfe Church in Uzghorod. The church is pastored by our friends Edik and Ershika Opelenik. We have been coming to this church for the past 6 years and have become good friends with all of them. Pastor Edik asked us several years ago to mentor he and his wife in Pastoral ministry and it has been our honor. PW preached on the Gospel today. He has been doing a series at our home church and it is alive in him. The response was wonderful and many came up after to talk to us and thank him for the timely word. Pastor said he had felt led to focus on evangelism this fall and so it was a confirmation that PW had the spirits leading when preparing for todays sermon. After service we went to Edik and Ershikas home for a wonderful dinner and time of fellowship. We ended up staying until after 5 talking about everything from doctrine to world politics and a hope of an upcoming trip by them to the United States. We would love for you all to meet them in person and hear Edik preach.


Lisa said...

What a blessing for all four of you as you mentor this pastor and his wife. Wish we could meet them and hear Edik preach. Glad you time of worship and fellowship was so special. God is good!!!!!


Lois Flynn said...

So happy to hear the Lord is using you and Pastor Wayne so mightily...I know this is your heart. We will keep you in prayer. Look forward to your safe trip home!

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