Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Our students love to leave us little pictures when we are not looking as you can see. This class of young people have wonderful senses of humor and are really starting to engage us during class by asking questions. Today Wayne finished up the foundational truths for counseling and then he taught the process of change. We laughed so much as they opened up and shared their particular struggles etc.
Sherry was privileged to speak in the chapel service today and exhorted the students on being pregnant with the Lords seed and how over the next 9 months they are to give themselves to God and seek Him so that when they leave this place they can fulfill the call of God on their lives.
Tonight we will have dinner with Daniel and then come back to get ready for tomorrows lessons. Since it will be our last day here we want to be sure to be well prepared so we don't leave anything out of our teachings.
Please continue to pray for us to hear clearly and also for our translator to feel better. She is still battling sickness.
PW and Sherry
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Lisa said...

Sherry, your lesson sounds so creative. What a wonderful analogy. Glad to hear you're having such fun with your students.

We continue to pray that God will pour out His annointing upon you and for the Word to fall on fertile hearts, take root, and change lives! :)

I'll be praying for your translator too.

Love, Lisa

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