Saturday, October 9, 2010

First day in Romania

Isn't she adorable? I could not help myself.

Juliana was one of the first young women we met in 1999 when we made our first trip to Romania. We attended her wedding and then lost touch. As God would have it, she was working at the our hotel and remembered us. What fun it was to reconnect and catch up on her life. She has become the mother of 2 children and is still walking closely with the Lord.

These are some of the young couples we met with this morning. We talked about Gods view of money and worked on making budgets and talked at length about their particular struggles with finances and counseled them from the word on how to overcome the challenges they face in this area. We had a wonderful time of fellowship over "Pizza", PW's favorite food. They ordered it in his honor.
God is good.
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Melissa said...

Thank you so much for including the photos! As a visual learner, I really enjoy them!

Love the little girl! Love that you reconnected with Juliana! LOVE IT that PW got PIZZA!!!!!!! How wonderful for him!

Love you guys-------praying for you! M. xoxoxox

Lisa said...

I've been a day behind in reading your posts! What a wonderful first day for you guys in Romania. I love all the pictures. :)

Church was wonderful yesterday. Pastor Bill taught on Romans again. Fantastic! He and Edie are taking good care of everyone.

We had a beautiful hospitality table thanks to Edie!

Ashley and I missed Bible study last week. We're keeping up on the workbook though -- Andrew has even joined in our studies with us -- and God willing Ash and I will be there this Tuesday!

Love you,

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