Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Today was another sunny warm day in Romania. We loved the sunshine for sure. After a lovely breakfast of Eggs and Toast we went to our dear friend, Pastor Mihai's home for a time of fellowship. We talked about a variety of subjects from church issues to private struggles and laughed alot. We always enjoy hearing this pastors perspective on life. He was a street fighter in his BC days and was a pretty tough guy. God has a way of working with us inspite of our past and Mihai is no exception. He has a gentle spirit and a pastors heart for the people. A true blessing to the body of Christ in his city. We ate lunch with them and enjoyed their girls. We will meet with them again tomorrow for most of the day. Please pray for him and his family as they continue to serve the Lord in this city.

Stephie, Eliza, Pastor Mihai, Joanna

After our meeting with Mihai we came back to the hotel to meet with a single mom who just needed to talk. We spent a few hours with her and ended our time with her in prayer. It is heart breaking to hear of the things these moms have to struggle with. The laws in Romania are not as strict as in America on child support etc. so life is hard for them and their children. This young woman is a godly woman who walks with God and loves him with all her heart.

Donna and Addy are a real special young couple in the church. We wish you could see the fire in Donnas eyes. She is so funny and full of passion. A true Latin in blood. Her passion is to honor God and her husband shares the same passion. He works as a fireman but his heart is to one day serve the Lord fulltime. We meet with them each time we come to Romania so it is always fun to hear what God is doing in their lives. We spent two hours with them and ended our time in prayer. Please pray that God provides Addy with a better job so he can support his wife and she will not have to work.
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Lisa said...

We're getting ready for bed here as you both are about to get up and begin your day. These people sound precious. We will lift them up in prayer. Have a blessed day!

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