Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Today has been a partial day off. Most of the couples in the church work so we minister mainly in the evenings to them. So we spent our morning in the word and just enjoying a rest. This afternoon we walked all over Tirgoviste, I would guess we walked a good 5 miles and PW did not complain once, of course we had to include a stop for ice cream and coffee to ensure that the day was complete. :>))))
We stopped in several different shops to see what the people here purchase and were surprised at how high the prices are for them. Most cannot afford the things offered. We also noticed that the city is improving the buildings. Many are being redone on the outside and new windows, roofs and siding are being provided for the buildings and they are being painted pretty colors. It makes a huge difference in the feel of the city. I guess the money is provided by the European Union to do this much needed work. The other thing that we are always surprised by are the packs of wild dogs that are laying around. They are so cute, but dangerous. Many times they take off and run after children biting at their legs. The contrast is amazing, today we saw a cute little pug dog with a collar and coat on and then a few blocks away these wild dogs.

Adina, Beatrice,Clara, Amalia, Gaby

This is the Popescue family. We have known them since 1999 when we first came to Romania and God has put a special love in our hearts for this family. We are reminded of what Paul wrote to Timothy in 2 Tim 1:2-4. That is how we feel about Gaby and Adina. They are a precious couple who love God with a whole heart. They have lived under circumstances that most of us would have been crushed under, but they have looked to God for help and He has sustained them. God has used them to teach us about the Romanian culture over the years. Anyway, after a 20 min. walk to their home, we spent this evening with them talking about the things that they struggle with but also fellowshiping over all the good things that God is doing. Adina is an excellent cook, tonight she served us pasta with a choice of two sauces, one a cream sauce with bits of meat and the other a tomato based sauce with vegetables in it. Please pray for this precious family and ask God to give them the desires of their hearts.
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Lisa said...

How nice that you got to have some time to rest and walk around the city. It sounds wonderful...except for the wild dogs!

Being a little bit afraid of dogs I would not like coming upon a wild pack who might decide to chase and bite me!!! Funny that you say they're cute...but you're definitely a dog lover. ;)

Thank you for the wonderful description of the city and the Popescue family. We will pray for them this morning.

Much love!!


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