Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday Morning

Our ministry Monday evening was well attended. This time we had over 12 couples who came and we taught on factors that destroy marriage and things that build marriage. It opened up lots of questions which led ot more teaching opportunity and then we set up appts. for the couples who wanted to meet with us. We ended up with non stop apts through Thursday scheduled every 2 hours.


We are very encourged that the couple who had seperated are coming to us for counseling each morning for 2 hours. Please pray for them that they are able to do what is necessary to reconcile and save their marriage.


We will leaave here on Friday and head to the Ukraine. Please pray for us as we travel since Friday will be a very long day with plane as well as car travel. We will begin ministry on Saturday.


We miss everyone and have so enjoyed receiving your messages and covet your prayers. I

will try to update again in a few days.


Blessings to all, Wayne and Sherry


Anonymous said...

We appreciate the updates! Love, Melissa

Anonymous said...

Wow sounds like an exhausting time with all that counseling.

But the Lord gives you strength.

Hope you get a little time for enjoyment also.
We'll continue to pray.


Anonymous said...

We are praying and I will check the blog every couple of days to see how things are going.


Lisa said...

So good to hear from you. Thanks for the update.

Love, Lisa

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