Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Hi Everyone,
We arrived home safely around 6:30 tonite. You have no idea how good it is to be back in the good old USA... When we got to the airport and went to baggage we looked up and there were Rilla with her pig tails flying and Liddy with the cutest purple hat turned sideways running down the hall with their little arms up screaming "Grandma, Grandpa" Oh it did our hearts good. And then of course Jen and Adrian were there. We really missed them all. When we got home the older kids had lit candles, put a tray on our bed with flowers and candy and a note saying welcome home. Some dear friends went together and bought us huge bouqets of flowers so my house is full of blooms. It is just plain good to be home.
Our flights were great. United airline has been great to work with and the service was excellent and we even had leg room for which we are thanking God.
Last night we had to spend the night in Munich and had made reservations through Discount Hotels for the Kempinski hotel at the airport. Wow if you are ever in Munich make sure you spend the night there. It is a 5 star hotel and was very comfortable and the service was incredible. When we got to our room they had mood lighting on and a welcome message for us on the tv screen. We were supplied with Robes and slippers for use during our stay and so after a nice dinner we went down to the spa/pool and took a swim and sat in the whirlpool for an hour and just relaxed. It was good to rest after 2 intensive weeks of ministry.
So that was our past few days. Hopefully the pictures will be up soon. We have to coordinate with Jen to do that. Please give us a call and catch up on your news now that we are home. Just let us sleep in tomorrow until at least 10. Thanks. :>)
God Bless You all,
Love, Wayne and Sherry

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