Friday, March 13, 2009

Reflections on Romania

This past week has been wonderful. The people of Romania are wonderful warm people and we found that wherever we went we were welcomed. We had fun going into a coffee shop by ourselves one night and trying to order with someone who could not speak English . We all laughed as we did charades and figured out what we wanted. The Romanians are of Latin origin and are fun loving people.
The church here has grown alot in the 6 months since we were here last. The recent events with the marriage of the leader falling apart has really caused the married couples to take stock of their own relationships and want to strengthen them. continue to pray for this man to come to repentance and stay with his wife. It would give God such glory.
This was a most productive visit. Each couple we met with thanked us for coming and kept saying how important our ministry is because in this part of the world they do not have counselors to help them. We look at our ministry as a mentoring ministry. Our primary target group is pastors and their wives. If the pastor's families are strong, they can teach the church what they need to know.
We love coming here and spending time with Pastor Mihai and Eliza, who are in their 30's. They are like sponges wanting to soak up all they can to learn and minister more effectively to their congregation. We always spend time with them and also Gaby and Adina. We have known Gaby since he first married Adina and they are very dear to our hearts. They have grown so much in their own relationship and we know God will use them in the area of marriage ministry in the future.
Nicu and Claudia have had their first baby since we were here in July. That has brought new challenges to them but they are doing well. Last night we met with a wonderful young couple who are in a difficult place since he cannot find work and they are having to live with her mom. Can you imagine how hard that is for this man who wants to provide for his own little family? Please pray for Ovidu to find work soon.
Mihai wants us to come and do another seminar sometime in the near future since they are going to have 10 new married couples before January. Please pray for this church that God would bless them with godly marriages to affect the culture here.
We are sitting in the airport in Munich waiting for our flight to Ukraine. We will meet tonite with the pastor of the church where we will be staying. His name is Ebi pronounced ABE. Tomorrow we meet our translator, Ruslin. Please pray that we have an immediate connection with him. It is so important to have a good relationship with the translators since they are responsible to share our hearts to the people. Pray for us to get a good night's rest and to be fresh tomorrow.
God is good. We will write again as soon as we can, if you feel prompted to pray please do so and write and tell us when and what you prayed. It is fun to hear all the God appointed prayers which always hit the mark. Wayne's back is some better today but still sore. Thanks again.
We miss you all.
Wayne and Sherry


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your colorful, informative, and insightful view of Romania and its people! It is almost like being there, to hear about each person you mentioned. What a blessing it is to have you both ministering to the leadership there.

I hope you have gotten some good rest! Love, Melissa

Anonymous said...

We just wanted to pop in and say that we miss you...
We are so thankful that the two of you are able to minister through out the world, helping others as you do for us!
The two of you have been a huge blessing in our lives and we love you!
Have a wonderful day...

Lisa said...

We loved hearing about the people you are ministerng to. It is wonderful to get names and some details so we can pray more specifically. We are praying for the leader's marriage to be restored and for all the other things you mentioned.

Our hearts are with you both.

Love, Andre and Lisa

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