Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Update

Hi everybody! We are finally getting a chance to update our blog. Sorry it has taken so long. We are not able to get on the internet due to connection problems, so I am dictating to Jen.
We arrived safely and well rested. Oleg and Ebbi picked us up at the airport. Ebbie talked non stop all the way back. It was so nice to get to know him! He and his wife Natasha welcomed us at their home for a wonderful dinner and we visited with them until about 9:00 p.m.
We arrived at the church and our room. We discovered we have a wonderfully HUGE bathroom with a large bathtub. And praise the Lord! Plenty of hot water and water pressure! Thank you to all who prayed for these things, keep it up!
Saturday we rested until about 1:00. We had lunch at Ebbie's home and met our translator Ruslin and his wife Anya. At 4:30 we ministered to the young couples at the church. Believe it or not, it lasted from 4:30 until 8:30 p.m. They meet quarterly for a dinner and conversation around tables. There were about 20 couples.

Sunday was wonderful! Wayne preached at the Good News Church on Choices and three people came to faith in Christ. We are rejoicing with the angels! We spent the afternoon at Ebbie's home and visited with he and his wife. It was fun for them to fellowship with people outside of the church. We felt an immediate connection with Ebbie. It is as though we have known him for years and it is very easy and comfortable to fellowship with him. At 5:00 Pastor Oleg and his wife picked us up and took us to their village. We ate ANOTHER meal and spent good quality time with him. He attended a previous parenting conference that we did in Uzhgrod last July. It was nice to reconnect with him.

Today was the fist day of our marriage seminar. There are about 35 pastors and wives as well as seminary students in attendance. We covered the basics with them today. We would like specific prayer that the Lord would touch their hearts during the classes and that they would not simply gather more information, but that it would be life changing for them all. We would also like specific prayer for our translator Ruslin. He is a wonderful young man who loves the Lord, but it seems that he is extremely tired and having difficulty grasping some of the concepts for translation. We want the Lord to bring a chemistry between us so there is a real flow in the teaching. Please continue to pray in this manner for the rest of the week. We will be teaching daily and he will be translating for us.

Thank you for your emails. Although we have not been able to get online yet this week, we know that when we do we will be encouraged at just the right moment by your words to us. special thank you to Pastor Bill and Andrew for the fine job you are doing holding down the fort while we are gone. We do have spies among you. Ha Ha!!! You are a tremendous blessing to us.

Wayne's back is doing much, much better, praise to the Lord! Would all of you please give Mrs. Bath a call and tell her hello?

Love to all at CCF. We love each one of you and miss you and can not wait to return home.
Pastor Wayne and Sherry


Anonymous said...

So great to hear about how the Lord is using you. I have prayed 4 the Lord to strengthen your back Wayne. So maybe you can help move that piano upstairs when you come home. (Ha ha just kidding)

Things appear to be going well. We all are looking forward to your return though.The home group for Financial freedom has done its intro. Knights of Christ met t'night. Fair maidens had a meeting recently. Things are moving right along.

We'll continue to pray for you. Hopefully after a full day you'll still have the energy to shoot up a little prayer for us too!!

Much love go out to you dear brother and sister. The whole part of the CCF body is there with you.

Bill & Edith

Lisa said...

Wow, what a tremendous encouragment. Praise God for all He is doing, even a large bathtub and plenty of hot water!!

You are really missed here but we're in good hands with Pastor Bill and Andrew.

Love, Lisa

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