Thursday, March 5, 2009

Latest prayer need

Well it is Thursday evening and the bags are packed the notes are done and now we will just do last minute things and enjoy our family.
Two prayer needs that have come up.
1. The airlines have informed us that since we have a layover in Romania, that when we reboard the plane in Bucharest and fly to Donetsk that the luggage allowance changes from 2- 50#bags each to 1-44# bag each. The cost for the additional weight is 10 Euros per kilo. which is around $13. for every 2 1/2 #. We should be ok but it would be nice not to have to pay. Thankfully we are traveling light and have only one bag each.
2. The brothers in Slavynsk have written and said to pray that the apt. we will be staying in on the 3rd floor will have enough water pressure to supply us with water. Now that is Eastern Europe for you. :>) So please pray that the pressure is good enough for us to shower and flush the toilet. The alternative does not sound good. On this one we will be sure to keep you posted. Such fun, don't you want to come with us? It is not unusual for the water to be turned off or that there is no hot water. We are so spoiled...brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
We would love for you to leave comments when you visit the blog so we know who has visited. Thanks again. Blessings, W and S


Inglesidemom said...

We will pray about both things. You're tough, though, no doubt you can handle that cold shower. :-)

Love - Jen

Anonymous said...

We send you forth with prayers, love, and assurance that the Lord will be using you, as He always does, to share truth and His love with all you meet.

The toilet flushing would be a nice touch, for sure.........

Love, M.

Anne said...

So good to hear that you are on your way, to a far away land, to bless other believers!
Love you very much!

Auneek1 said...

The water situation makes me think of "Give us clean hands" by Chris Tomlin--LOL
Missing u already and praying for blessed travel for both of u!

Anonymous said...

We prayed. Hope all is going as planned. We changed some of our clocks already so that we don't miss the service. ;0).

Stay healthy. Read the e-mail on the Castros, What is he getting operated for?

Love ya (Bill) & Edie.

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