Friday, April 17, 2015

Riga and jet lag

We have arrived safely at our hotel in  Riga at 1 a.m. Thurs. morning and have major jet lag this time so have slept a lot.  But not so much that we have not gotten out and walked yesterday and today.  We are feeling a bit more alive as the day goes on which is good since we have taken 3 days vacation to rest up before our ministry begins on Monday.  Here are some pictures of our day yesterday and today.

 The architecture is lovely and we just can't help making pictures of the buildings.
 It was cold today but the view is gorgeous in our neighborhood.
 Love these old doors
Pizza shop - the sign says for lovers, losers and champions. 
 Did I say PW loves pizza?  This was his dinner last night.
It is smaller than it looks thankfully. 
 This was my dinner last night.  A grilled chicken breast with melted cheese and almonds over green beans in a butter sauce. Yummy. I love the presentation of the foods here.
 Dessert after pizza - ice cream of course
 My dessert was a little flan with blueberries and raspberry sauce.  It was not sweet so I did not feel too guilty eating it. 
 The parks are full of statues of famous people from centuries ago.
 It was a bad hair day what can I say.  Wig to the rescue. LOL
 Love the Church spire through the trees.
Did I say I loved poppy seed?  This is to die for, poppy seed stuffed Blinchkies with sauce. Oh my. 
Got back to the hotel and walked up and down 7 flights of stairs to work this off. 

We covet your prayers as we take these next 2 days to rest and prepare for next week. Please begin to pray for the students hearts. We don't want to just impart knowledge but life to them.

Much love, 
PW and Sherry

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Lisa said...

So good to hear from you guys! Sorry you're so tired. Praying for good rest and strength. The pictures are beautiful. The food looks delicious. I know PW was happy! ;-)

Keeping you and your students in my prayers!


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