Saturday, April 18, 2015

Prayer need

Ok all you prayer warriors, please hit the knees.

PW is coming down with a sinus infection.  Eyes running, nose running, headache, sore throat.  We have no sinus pills or any medicine that would help and they do not sell over the counter here in Latvia.  We believe God can and will heal though so we ask you to stand in faith with us.

We start teaching on Monday and Pw does the first half of the course so it is vital he is able to teach.

Much love,

Here are today's pictures:

 This is the lovely dining room at the hotel where he eat breakfast each morning. It feels like being in someone's home.
 Contentment, sitting in a cozy chair in front of a huge picture window.  
 Love this building it is sandwiched in between some modern structures. Notice the bright red door.
 In spite of being sick PW took a walk around the neighborhood with me.. Love this man.
 Spring is everywhere.
 I had taken the glove off to take pictures and had stuck it in my mouth. PW could not resist.
This is a tree lawn. Cool huh?

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