Friday, April 24, 2015

Humbled, Amazed, Speechless

We finished our week of teaching at BSM and the words above describe us.  Words cannot describe adequately how God answered prayer this week. If you remember we had asked God to bring life to the hearts of the young people through the teachings, not just head knowledge.  Well He sure did answer us above and beyond our wildest dreams.  All we can do is Praise Him and do a Happy Dance.

Today we did role plays which is the most fun for me since it is where we can see if our students understood what was taught. They did amazingly well. We spent a lot of time laughing that is for sure. Those of you who know me, Sherry, know that I love to dramatize stuff so I played it up a lot.  I was even able to work up a tear or two while playing my part.  But this is where the amazing thing happened some of the students started to cry.......the Holy Spirit was telling their story through the role play.  At the end we were privileged to minister one on one to several of them.  We have done a lot of counseling this week because the different teaching have touched places in their lives.

During chapel the students gave testimonies and at the end laid hands on PW and me and prayed for us and our ministry. It was quite humbling but wonderful.

This afternoon we are going to Riga to site see which will be fun.  With Pw having been so sick last week we did not get to do much of that so I will take more pictures to post in the morning before we leave to fly home.

This has been an amazing week and we have seen God meet us in our weakness and do wonderful things. Thank you so much for praying for us, thank you to our family for graciously letting us come and for our church family for sending us off with love.  You are all such a gift to us.

Much love,
PW and Sherry

 Students standing in line turning in their homework so they get credit. This counted for 20% of their grade. The assignment was to look up and list the put offs and put ons of scripture and then to make a plan to overcome a sin in their own lives.  They said they loved this assignment.
 I am roleplaying a rebellious 17yr. old girl who is being counseled by the class.  

 Our class minus 3 students who had to leave early.  
Sure love all of you.
 Pw surprised Sherry during chapel with these lovely roses and a card and candy while the class sung Happy Birthday. My birthday is Saturday and we will be traveling.  It was quite embarrassing and romantically sweet. 
The class presented us with this mug with scripture on it and a card as a thank you. 
We are so overwhelmed with Gods love we are speechless.  
Thank you to all at is our honor to serve you as teachers each year. 


M. said...

PW looks better in today's photos, and I can just SEE Sherry as a rebellious 17-yr old! ha! (NOT) Happy Birthday, tomorrow, D&B! You are The Best! So thankful to God for your life. Praise His Name for your wonderful week with these lovely students!!! Praying for your trip home.............

Pianooats said...

Where's the video of the happy dance?

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