Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday - First Day of School

We arrived her at the Baltic School of Ministry yesterday around 3. We unpacked hurriedly and then took another nap. With PW not feeling well and it being Sunday, we always nap on Sunday afternoon, it just seemed like the right thing to do.

We woke up this morning to the sounds of students arriving and Chapel service beginning. It is so beautiful to hear young people singing praise the Lord in another language. We know the songs in English but for some reason hearing them in Latvian, we forget the English words.  Anyway, since PW was still feeling under the weather, we prayed again for healing and then Lauma, our translator took me to the pharmacy down the road.  This was a new experience for me.  In America as you know you buy the whole box of pills, not here, the pharmacists asks your symptoms and then picks a box and pulls out the number of pills they think you  might need and then they put the box back on the shelf and tells you what the recommended dose is from the back of the box.  So for about $4 we purchased 25 pills.  But I can already see the difference in PW so PTL he is hopefully on the mend.

Our  first class started at 2 and we taught until 5.  PW did a great job laying foundation for the week.  There was a very lively discussion on whether men are born basically good or basically bad.  We love when the students interact and engage like this.  A lot of good teaching comes out of these times.  After class they were thanking him for the teachings.   We already love these students and are looking forward to a week of interaction with them.

Thanks so much for all the prayer coverage. We are feeling the results.

Here are some new pictures for you to enjoy.  Much love, PW and Sherry

 This is supposed to be a video but if you cannot make it work you can see by my face that I was having a really bad hair day today and should have worn the wig.. LOL
 The view out of our little apt. window. The sky was so blue today and the temp around 48.  
 These are some of our students getting settled as class began. A formal picture will come later. 
 Two the girls enjoying down time. 
Playing peek a boo?  

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M. said...

I think your hair looked FINE. You ALWAYS look nice!!!! :-)

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