Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pictures from the Youth Conference in Cabadbaran Philippines

Philippine Youth attending our conference.
We are on the screen in the background.

Pastor Paul translating our teaching. 
The computer is positioned so we can see the audience.
We are being projected on a big screen so the kids can see us.

Sat. Afternoon the computer in the church lost the skype
signal and so Pastor Rannie moved all the kids into his
living room and we spoke to them via his computer minus video.
The Lord met with us anyway. He is like that. :>)))

Here are some of the testimonies the youth gave.

"We were so blessed for the word of God which you brought to us.  Especially in the area of making decisions.  I also like that you taught us that we cannot seek peace in people, places or events but only in God.  I also learned that dating is very serious and that God has guidelines."

"I was blessed by God for the teaching on dating. I learned that Sexual intercourse is only for married people and that purity is a holy thing.  Thankful to the Lord because whatever comes along the way, I can stand on the word."

"I was blessed by the teachings.  I am thankful that God uses you in our lives even though you are far away.  I learned a lot about choices and dating. This is not the ending but only the beginning."

"A 20 yr. old young man said that he was blessed by the topic of kissing. He has already experienced kissing and just realized as we taught that it is not Gods best because unless he is married it does not honor God.  He is going to tell his girlfriend, no more kissing so they will not be tempted to sin.  (wink) "

These are just a few of the testimonies, but we pray that God takes the truth that has been taught and burns it into their hearts so that they will live lives of purity.  God is awesome.. 

Much love,
PW and Sherry
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