Thursday, May 2, 2013

Day four

Today was lovely.  The sun was shining all day and the temperature rose to about 62.  Spring has finally sprung in Latvia.  It is amazing how much the sunshine affects the classroom as well. 

We worked on the practical application lessons today.  Most of the students will never be "professional" counselors, but they can learn to apply the principles we have taught them as they give advice to their friends. So we began that process of application.  Tomorrow we will actually give them a role play so they can practice the lessons. Can't wait :>)))  I (Sherry) am going to be the "friend, counselee" so I will try to make it fun.  Overall they seemed happy and attentive.

They only have 4 wks of classes left and their minds are tired and full of knowledge from all they have learned this year.  Please pray for them today that they would be able to absorb the rest of the courses of study and that they would leave the year of study changed not just having more knowledge but having been equipped to walk out their faith.  Pray for us as we finish up that we will continue to be anointed so it will bear much fruit in their lives.

PW and I are finally feeling human again..  I guess that is good since we leave for home on Saturday afternoon. Looking forward to being back and with our church family on Sunday.

I will try to post pictures tomorrow afternoon of the week.  We did not tak too many since we were sick, but you will at least get to see our students.

Much love,
PW and Sherry

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