Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturday Philippine Youth Conference

Following are our FB posts as the conference was being held.

Session one is completed. We are teaching on Dating Guidelines and it is going well. The students are engaging us in converstaion and interacting alot. It has been fun but it would be so much better if the connection was strong. So if you are reading this at 10:30 p.m. please storm the gates of heaven for a bit. There is a huge voice delay which is very distracting on both ends. Thanks so much.

12:30 a.m.....we have finished up our morning teachings. Thank you for praying. the skype connection improved greatly after we asked for prayer. We spent the last session talking about abstaining from sexual immorality and making a committment to stay pure from this point on until marriage. We asked them if they were willing to make a committment to God and they started standing up before we even asked them to do so. Praise God for His amazing grace to touch their lives. We will start teaching again at 1;30 a.m. Thank you all for your prayers for us in this venture. It has been so much fun and God is using this in their lives.

During the break Pastor Paul shared with us a testimony of how our marriage seminar was used in the lives of the 8 Mountain pastors who attended. They are praying that God will send us in person to minister on marriage to these churches. It is such a humbling thing to hear such things and we can only say Praise God because it is He who works in us and through us. We can take no credit. His love for these people is amazing. Thank you Father.

3:15 a.m. Just finished the final teaching session, the topic was Peer pressure principals. The internet is giving Rannie fits and their computer is not picking up the signal very well today. The problem was intensified after lunch so it is suspicous to them. The last time this happened someone had dug up the cable lines on the street to steal the copper .. But God is still meeting with us and the youth. Our final session is a Q and A time then off to bed. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Did I say we are too old for this? LOL we have major stay lag this time.

4:30 a.m. We have spent the last hour answering questions for the youth and listening to their testimonies of how the teachings have impacted them. Oh my we are so amazed at God and His love for them. One of the youth recapped each teaching for us and how it impacted her. Most loved the Choices message because it helped them learn to make wise decisions and also Dating guidelines. And the funniest testimonies were the ones where the kids said they learned that kissing was not appropriate for them until marriage, since it could lead to intercourse since it will light a fire in them and so they are going to tell their boyfriends and girlfriends that they cannot kiss anymore. I bet we will have quite a few young men and women upset with us tomorrow. LOL.. All in all it has been a good fruitful 2 days. Thank you for all your prayers for us and for these youth. God is faithful.   Pastor Rannie is going to send us pictures from the Conference which we will post as soon as they arrive.  Please continue to pray for our Brothers and Sisters in this area of the world.

Much Love,
PW and Sherry

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