Thursday, August 20, 2009

Seminar Class Aug. 2009

Final Day of Seminar
This is our class from our final day of teaching. The week has turned out nicely and we were blessed by the comments at the end of the day. Out of this class four couples have signed up for counseling tomorrow as well as several of the singles. We start counseling tomorrow at 10 and our last apt. is at 9 p.m. so as you can see it will be a busy busy day. Please pray for us to have stamina and wisdom.
Today Wayne taught the rest of the resolving conflict teachings and also taught on forgiveness, peace and joy principle and ended the day with divorce issues. We opened it up for questions at the end and spent an hour answering questions on various things we taught. We have also received several invitations to other cities in the Ukraine.
Tonight we went to the Methodist church for a picnic and had a great time of fellowship.
On Saturday we will meet with Angelica the wife of the gypsy pastor who left her last year. Hopefully we will be able to encourage her and help her overcome all the side effects of this experience. Pray for us to have Gods words for her. He is the only one who can heal this broken hearted woman. We are going to post several other pictures on the blog and hope you will enjoy seeing your mission dollars at work. God Bless You all and Thank you for your prayers. With Love, Wayne and Sherry
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Jen said...

I am so proud of you downloading your own pictures! I miss you madly and pray for you several times each day.

Love - me

Lisa said...

We love seeing the pictures! We're continuing to pray, daily.

Love, Lisa

mission memoirs said...

We are praying for you. I enjoy hearing about what is happening.

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