Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Wonderful old friends

We love that the Lord has brought  so many wonderful friends into our lives over the years and that when we travel we get to reconnect with them. It is like no time has passed when we get together and share the wonderful things God has done in each of our lives.  Today was no exception.

We had breakfast with Tanya, then took a taxi to Uzghorod Old Town and walked around and then met our dear friends Valodya and Oksana Sergachov for lunch. We went to our favorite pizza place and sat for over 2 hours sharing our lives and enjoying our time together.  They then took us to buy batteries and distilled water and brought us back to our hotel.  We realized when we got back to the hotel that we had not taken a picture together so hopefully before the week is over we will be able to post one.

Here are some pictures of the lovely city of Uzghorod that we took before we met them.  Please click on them to enlarge so you can see the details. I apologize in advance for the format. My computer would not allow me to do them properly.  So it is a bit off center and too many spaces.  Oh is a challenge.  LOL

These three pictures are of our room at the hotel. It is like a little apartment and very comfortable. We stay in this room each time we come so it feels like home.

View from the bridge of the Jewish synagogue
View from the bridge of the city
Small stalls where locals sell their goods. 
Locks on the bridge put there by engaged couples
Walk along the river
Look at the Church in the background
Graffiti of a machine gun. Not sure what it all says but it must not be good.
Click on this one to make it bigger.  These are men laying a cobblestone road.  The finished ones are  a piece of art
Sunset view from our hotel room
We ended our day with a wonderful dinner with our dear dear  friends Vasiko and Tanya Machabeli.  They took us to a new restaurant in the city that was middle eastern, that they had been wanting to try out.   The decor was very interesting and colorful and the food was amazing.  It was so nice to share our lives with each other and hear all that the Lord is doing in each of our lives. They have served the Lord faithfully for 13 years as a married couple. Please keep them in prayer. They minister to orphans and foster families where they teach parenting classes and other things that will be helpful to them,  they also sponsor a Montessori school in their center and hold English camps all summer long for children.  Their goal is to help the poor and share the gospel with each one, so the gospel is the central thing in each of the ministries and is shared very clearly to all who come.  It is a blessing to hear the little children, many of whom come from families that do not know the Lord, praying and reciting scripture.

 This is the grill our food was cooked on and  notice the water pipes.  They do not smoke Hashish in them thankfully, but they offer scented waters for people to smoke.  Not us but there was one customer with a pipe and the fragrance was oranges.  This was a first for us.  LOL All four of us had a good laugh about it.

View of the whole restaurant. 
All in all it has been a good day.  Tomorrow we have meetings all day.   Breakfast with friends to discuss their ministry and we may get to go to the hospital to hold the babies and then we have a one o'clock meeting with a local Pastor and ministry at the Gypsy Church to share about the roles of Husband and Wife.  Much prayer will be needed for wisdom and anointing from God as we share.

Please continue to pray for PW's mom also. She is having some health related problems the past few days.  

Much love, 
PW and Sherry

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