Saturday, November 10, 2018

Encouragement - Friday

Today we had a lovely time of fellowship with Vasiko, Tanya and Olya and a wonderful time of study and prayer as we prepared for our ministry at the Church tonight.

We never know what kind of turn out there will be for these times of ministry but we were prepared and were pregnant with the word of God to share with the people who came.  When we arrived at the Church with Pastor Alexey Rudenko we walked into a room alive with expectancy and joy. There were several Gypsy people that joined us also along with their Pastor. The people were so ready to worship and learn. These are the best times since it pulls out of us the things that God has put on our hearts.  After an awesome time of worship led by Svyeta and her team,  we shared the teachings on the role of husband and role of wife.  As we shared the people were interacting with us with nods and smiles and amens and leaning forward. It was so easy to minister to them as a result.    After our time of teaching we spent about a half hour answering questions on marriage and family.  The questions were good and showed that they are wanting to walk with God and be examples of true Christian family.  After the question time many stayed to talk to us and ask for private counsel. All in all it was a very encouraging evening and we are so honored that the Lord opened up this door for us.

Here are some pictures of the evening. I apologize for the lack of composition in them, but I was snapping them on the fly and did not take time to frame them up.  I will do better tomorrow...promise.

The worship team is excellent and truly led us into God's presence.

This guy on the drums was so much fun to watch. He had a rhythm and danced as he played.  

Pastor Alexey

Left side of the room

Right side of the room

Wayne and Olya

Tomorrow we will be in Chop ministering to youth and then at a Church in Uzghorod that we minister at each time we come.  Please keep us in prayer as always.  

Much love, 
PW and Sherry

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