Tuesday, November 6, 2018


Well we spent the day driving from Poland to Ukraine. It was a gorgeous day for a road trip and as you will see from the photos below it was beautiful scenery every mile. Mary Jill Callery drove us through scenic little villages and winding roads through mountains.  The whole trip was a feast for the eyes plus we had her all to ourselves for 4 hours to fellowship. We arrived safely in Uzghorod around 3.  And we had a lovely visit with Tanya and Olya and Vasiko.  It is like coming home. We have our usual room number 10 and were surprised to see how nicely it has been redecorated.  I will post pictures of our room tomorrow but wanted to get these up tonight.

Hopefully every one has voted. We voted before we left and have been praying about this important election.  No matter what side of the aisle you choose to be on, it is all of our responsibility to pray for those who win no matter what party they hold to. 1 Timothy 2:1-4.  Freedom is a wonderful thing to have and a huge responsibility. As believers in Christ we are to set an example of godly submission to those who govern our country.  So tomorrow morning when you wake up be sure to pray for these who are serving us in government including our president.

Tomorrow we are meeting with our good friends Valodya and Oxana Sergachov.  We are so looking forward to our time with them since we have not seen them in 3 years.   We will also be spending tie praying and preparing for our ministry which starts on Thursday.  Please pray for us to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit in each place and to bear much fruit for the Kingdom.  Would also pray for Wayne's mom, she had a health episode today that was a bit unnerving, and of course our granddaughters who are caring for her.

Ok here are the pictures.

A village market. They are everywhere in this part of the world.

Beautiful churches dot the landscapes

Look at those hills

The fog was beautiful and if you look closely you an see a church poking up through the fog. 

An old fortified city. 

Look at the castle on top of the  hill. Click on the picture to enlarge it. 

Last week people decorated graves with flowers all over Europe.  It is quite the holiday and shops close early so people can do t his. Click on this image to enlarge it.  

I have no idea if this video will work but it is hilarious .. Olga is trying to tell me how to pronounce the word for this Georgian pizza with a special cheese on it.  We laughed til we had tears. 

Much love 
Pw and Sherry

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Edie said...

So glad you are not only ministering but enjoying as well. It's wonderful to reconnect with old friends. This morning as I was thinking and praying I was a bit envious of your trip to Poland. Being of Polish decent I would of loved to go there. Very happy for both of you,(not coveting but just wishing). Continuing to enjoy your beautiful pics,and pray for you as well as the people that you're ministering to.

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