Friday, January 23, 2015

Ukraine here we come

Sometime in Early December we felt the Lord calling us back to Ukraine to minister. In contacting our friends there an invitation to come was given and the next day without solicitation money started coming into our Travel Account. A definite sign to us that God was at work.  So in spite of the war in Ukraine and the other dangers around the world, we are stepping out in Faith trusting that our Father is sending us on mission.  We are asking for prayer while we are gone.  Travel days are Jan 26 and Feb. 5.  Below is our schedule so you can pray for us please. There is a 7 hour time difference.

Arrive on Tuesday late afternoon and will be driving for 2 hours and crossing the Slovakian border.  Please pray that all goes well and that there are no hold ups.

Wed night at 7 : English Conversation group at the English school - we usually talk about relationships and then answer questions. 

Thursday afternoon : Sherry will be speaking at a tea for Refugee women and others from Uzghorod. 

Friday evening 7 - 9: Marriage Seminar begins at the New Testament Church, topic is Restoring Romance in Marriage

Saturday 1030 - 12: Maintaining Good Marital Communication, topics will include the Secret of learning to Communicate better, What to do when desires are denied, Danger of Anger, Learning to Disagree, Power of Forgiveness.  

Saturday 12:30 - 2: Helping our children to embrace a walk with God that will last and then the second session will be How to help children deal with the fear that comes from being at war. 

We will end with Questions and Answers

Saturday late afternoon: Dinner with friends

Sunday Morning: Preaching at the New Testament Church

Sunday Evening 6 - 7:30: Mini marriage seminar for couples where one is a believer the other is not.  We will repeat the Friday evening topic of Restoring Romance in Marriage.  Please pray especially during this time since hopefully there will be unbelievers present and the gospel will be presented at the end.

Monday: Currently we are scheduled to do a Marriage mini seminar at the Gypsy Church.  

Tuesday: Leave for Slovakia and home. Please pray once again for no delays at the border. Sometimes you can sit for 6 - 8 hours at this particular border.  

Wednesday: Start the trip home. We have an 18 hour layover in Vienna and then  head out to home on Thursday.  

As you can see our schedule is pretty intense and we hit the ground running.  In the midst of all of this teaching will be ministry times and counseling etc. Because of Jet lag, our specific prayer is for strength and vitality and anointing of course and health.  

We are so excited to not only see our friends once again but to be able to minister to this country that we love.  The people of Ukraine have been resilient over the centuries due to multiple occupations by foreign countries, but they have maintained their identity and culture. They have suffered much but still hope.  We love them and pray for peace for them.  We have often said that we are torn between two continents and it is true.  Ukraine feels like home to us and so does American.  God has put this love in our hearts and we are humbled that he is entrusting us to minister to these precious people.  

We covet your prayers and thank God for each one of you.   We will begin daily updates next Wed. 

Much love, 
PW and Sherry

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