Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Traveling is not for sissies

The older we get the more we can say that traveling is definitely not for sissies.  Between the flight delays, layovers, cramped seats and grouchy airport workers a persons self control is tested.  But thank the Lord we have persevered so far.  We sat in the airport in Chicago for 8 hours and are now sitting in the airport in Vienna for the 4th hour.  Our plane is scheduled to leave in an hour and half.

Did you ever wonder how the restaurants and shops in an airport can get away with charging $4.95 for a bottle of water.  Yes you read that correctly.  A person has to have an airport budget just to survive since you cannot bring your own water into the secured areas.    And.................

Did you ever wonder who decided that leg room is not necessary for an 8 hour flight?  Seriously, PW's knees hit the seat in front of us.  I wonder if the executives were forced to sit in coach how long it would take before the seats were changed to have more room.  Thankfully Austrian Air has more leg room than most, but PW's legs still hit the seat in front of us and we had good seats. Ahhhh the joy of traveling.

Just thought you might enjoy some of the little details of traveling in this day and age. LOL

But we thank the Father for his grace and mercies and look forward to sleeping in a real bed tonight.
We start ministry tomorrow so would appreciate prayer as we cross your minds.

Much Love,
 PW and Sherry

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