Friday, January 30, 2015

Ukraine Day 2

We want to thank all of you who are praying for us while we minister over here. We can definitely feel the prayers.  Today was a day of preparation for the teaching time tonight.  It is wonderful to just sit in His presence and let him fill your heart with His word so you can pour it out later.

The seminar was good tonight. We had around 30 people and for a Friday night that was good.  Lots of young couples who are already experiencing a waning of romance in their marriages. It was fun to talk about different practical ways to bring the romance back into their marriages. There was a lot of laughing and arm poking going on.  And would you believe we forgot to take pictures?  We will remedy that tomorrow.

When had the altar call for prayer,  6 couples came up for specific prayer.   One young couple came who come to all of seminars and were thanking us for the encouragement. They are running into some differences between them and needed some counsel.  Then a couple whom we had in the bible school at Nehemiah 13 years ago came for prayer. He shared with us how much we had impacted his life over the  years as he reviewed the teachings on marriage. We were humbled to say the least since he went on and on and on.   What a blessing to know that positive fruit has come from our obedience to the Father.

All in all the evening was a tremendous joy.  We love reconnecting with friends and tonight was no exception.   Our dear friends Valodya and Oxana are always fun, Sasha and Oxana and Jason and Lera Wisner and so many others whom we see when we come.

We went out for dessert afterward with Wisners and had high fat ice cream and tea.. And yes the menu did bill it as high fat.  Trust me it was definitely high fat.  Yummmmmm... gotta love Ukranian delicacies.

Thank you to Pastor Volodya and Lilliana for your hospitality and asking us to come.  It is always a blessing to be with you.

Tomorrow we will teach on Communication and Raising Children who love God. Please pray for us when you get up since we will be teaching by then.

Much love,
PW and Sherry

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