Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Today was our first full day of teaching.  We began dealing with all the emotions that rise up during a divorce. One lady cried through the whole thing. She had been married for over 25 yrs and her divorce is not yet final.  Can you imagine the pain she is dealing with?  The Lord is so gracious to His children. WE not only were able to speak with her privately and offer some help from the word of God, but we also had the privilege of counseling a couple who came with their pastor and are on the verge of divorce.  Please pray for Josef and Oxana.  Josef is not yet a believer and has a drinking problem.  We presented the gospel to him in a very clear way but he is not yet willing to give his life to Christ.  Christ is the only hope this couple  have since the problems in the marriage are huge.

On a more serious note, please keep PW in prayer.  As you know he had a stroke last January and has been doing pretty good, but he has shared with me that the past few days he is having trouble recalling things as he is teaching.  Obviously this is a concern for us both so we covet your prayers.

WE have been trying to figure out the program to download pictures.  So far we have not had any success but keep checking because one day the pictures will be here.

God bless you all.
Much love,
PW and Sherry


Melissa said...

Praying for PW, and for you to have wisdom regarding his health. Love both of you so much!!!

Lisa said...

Praying here too, Sherry. Please keep us posted.


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