Thursday, October 24, 2013


This morning started like all others until around 10 when Tanya and Vasiko found their 3 pet sheep dead.  A dog apparently got into the pen during the night and attacked them. You can imagine the scene and all the activity as they tried to find the dog.  Our seminar had started and of course we were all distracted for a bit looking out the window at the scene. It was very sad.  Please pray for them.

Todays morning seminar was on starting new biblical relationships after divorce.  So many jump right back into marriage without taking time to heal and some jump in and do not have a biblical right because their divorce was not biblical.  We had much discussion and questions and answers during those 2 1/2 hours.  The afternoon was spent looking at the need to forgive and just how to do that. We ended with an invitation for  those who needed to forgive.  It was a very special time.  We consider it such a privilege to help people in these kinds of life situations.  God truly has the answers for them and is there to comfort and help.

Tonight while PW stayed at the apt. to prepare for tomorrows teachings, I, Sherry went and spoke to a group of young people, on biblical relationships.  We talked about how to keep from getting into romantic relationships before they were mature enough to handle the emotions and temptations that go along with them.  It was fun and the kids laughed and talked and were very attentive during the teaching time, taking notes and looking up scripture.  I encouraged them to spend time together in groups of friends and not to worry about boyfriend, girlfriend relationships .  Surprisingly they seemed to embrace that idea and promised to wait for God to bring the right person into their lives while working on BEING the right person themselves.  Praise God.

Our translator Olya,  works harder than we do since she  has to not only hear it in English but then relay it in Russian to the people without missing the meaning of what was said.  Not only did she work all day from 10 but she also sits with us at meals and goes with us when we speak elsewhere.  That means that today alone she worked almost 12 hours using her brain constantly.  Thank God for her and pray for her please.  She needs a rest.

I want to continue to praise God for PW's health. Your prayers were answered in a powerful way the other day.  You are very much apart of these mission trips and we so appreciate each one of you.

Tomorrow is our last day with our peeps.  It is always a bittersweet time since we get to know the people God sent to us during our week together.

Much love,
PW and Sherry

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