Sunday, October 27, 2013

Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye is always sad to us. Leaving precious friends and memories of a good times.  Saturday was a wonderful day of rest for us where we prepared for our leaving.  Sherry met with her friend Kristi for breakfast, then packed, then PW and Sherry had a lovely dinner with Vasiko, Tanya and Marishka Machabeli.  Below are some pictures we hope you enjoy.  We will be traveling to Kosice today to spend the night before our flight home on Monday  Praying for all of you as you worship today.  Much love, PW and Sherry

The hotel dog Richie.

View of the city from our room.


Melissa said...

Love you guys so much. Praying for a wonderful trip home!

Lisa said...

It must be so hard to say good bye. Sounds like a very fruitful, blessed trip. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures.

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