Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Lords Day

Today was wonderful. PW preached an excellent message to the Fathers and exhorted them to be a prophetic people. He took his sermon from Malachi 4 where it says the hearts of the Fathers will turn to the children and childrens hearts to the Fathers in the last days. The men responded very well and almost all stood up to commit to being the kind of men God would have them to be. The service lasted until almost 2. It started at 11 with over an hour of worship, then Pastor Edik preached a short messge first then told PW to preach until 1:30.

We went to Chop again and preached at the church there. PW preached on the Differences between men and women. Then we had a short time of fellowship with the church since one lady had a birthday and had brought a cake to celebrate. So all in all it was a good day in the Lord.

We are getting ready to leave in a few minutes to go to Kosice for a day and will meet Sherry's second cousin Cody who is on mission in Kosice until April 1.

We are looking forward to being home and returning to our ministry and family. We miss everyone while we are gone. Our leaving here is bittersweet. We long to be home but miss the people here who have become so special to us.

Please pray for us as we travel all day on Tuesday.

Love, PW and Sherry

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Lisa said...

Praying for safe travels. Can't wait for you to be home!

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