Friday, March 18, 2011


Thursday Wayne taught on Forgiveness. Here you see Sherry wrapped up in the chords of bitterness and unforgiveness. The visual made a huge impact and many started to cry openly as we talked about what unforgiveness does to us. We ended this session with an ivitation to repent and to forgive those who hurt them. Without hesitation the attendees began to stand and weep without shame. We were so touched by what God was doing. Many left the room free from the bondage they had been living under. Praise the Lord.
After our session, we met with one of the women and her children who were still hurting from the divorce in their family. It was a profitable time of helping them to see that they were making progress in their healing. The children especially talked very openly about the hurt they experienced from their father having left them
for another woman. At one point the mom said she felt like she was no longer worthy to be loved by a man, to which her son immediately said " you are worthy and you must not believe the lie that dad told you". God is so good, She needed to hear that from her son. We were all in tears by that point.
The evening meeting at the church was well attended and Sherry taught on the challenges of living with an unsaved mate. This is a huge problem in this country and no one talks about it. As a result the pastor has decided to start a support group for these people so they can pray together and encourage one another.
They now see their spouses and homes as a mission field.

This is the Nehemiah Guest House where we stay and do our seminars.We highly reccomend this ministry and Guest House. It is clean, cheerful and modern and affordable. If you want to experience Ukranian hospitality this is the place to stay.

Here are some more pictures of Uzghorod.
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