Thursday, March 17, 2011


Our evening translator Valya
PW and Sherry
Our Divorce Recovery Seminar

PW is not proposing, he is demonstrating to parents how to get onto a childs level to speak to them when instruction is needed.

This week has been very busy and yesterday was no exception. Our day starts very early, we get up between 6 - 7 and begin teaching at 9 and finish at 3. Then we counsel for several hours and then leave at 6 for the church to do our evening seminar.

Yesterday PW taught on Divorce and Remarriage. It was a very serious teaching and the class was very attentive. One man said that for the first time in his life he had a revelation of how serious marriage was and that he was shaking in his skin and decided it was better not to marry. I remember a story in the bible where the disciples said the same thing after Jesus taught on the subject. The class was very interactive, they laughed, cried and asked questions. Sherry followed up with a teaching on New Relationships, It was fun to see the relief on the faces of those who realized that it was ok for them to think of a future relationship. Warnings were given to be sure they were healed up before they even considered a new relationsip, also that they wait for God to bring someone to them not for them to go looking for someone. Once again excellent questions were aksed. All in all it was a great day.

After the teachings, the couple who came because of a difficult marriage asked for counseling so we met with them.We are so humbled by the privlege God has given us to participate in the work of healing the lives of the people.

We have 4 more days of this crazy schedule so please continue to pray for us.We hear that things are going wonderfully at our Church in Chardon. Pastor Bill and Edie are doing a great job. Thanks guys.

Have a blessed day.
With love, PW and Sherry
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Lisa said...

All sounds wonderful! God is definitely at work in the lives of these people! I will continue to pray for God's annointing and for strength, endurance, and health for you both as you contninue this busy schedule.

We miss you very much, but you're right, things are going very well at CCF. Pastor Bill has brought wonderful messages from the Word, and we have had great worship and fellowship.

Our homegroup at the Klein's has been such a blessing. We've had wonderful fellowship -- the adults and teens alike. And Adrian is doing an excellent job facilitating the Demolishing Strongholds teaching. He definitely has the gift of teaching. Andrew specifically has mentioned he is learning a lot and really enjoying it. (The excellent video helps keep his attention too! ;))

Andre and I will miss church this Sunday. We will be away celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary. I can't believe it's been 20 years already! God has definitely been gracious and merciful to us through all our ups and downs. He is our dear, faithful God.

Love you both!


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