Monday, September 18, 2017

The Nations are coming to us

As you know we have not been able to travel lately because of our mothers, so the Lord is sending the nations to us during this season.  We so love our mission trips and getting to fellowship with saints from all over the world.  This past week we were privileged to host our friends from Poland and in a few weeks we will be hosting a friend from Costa Rica.   Now we only need the Ukrainians, Latvians and Czechs to come and we will have had our fix.

Mary Jill Callery, Michael Wielgus and Pastor Jan Skarbek were coming to the states to attend a conference and we were the B and B on the way. We had 3 wonderful days of fellowship on their way to Branson and then 1 night and half a day on their way back to New York where Mary Jills family lives.

They have their heads in the clouds it seems. LOL

Obviously selfies are not my strong suit, but MJ looks great. 

MJ had cut her thumb in Poland and needed a nurse to remove the stitches so our dear friends Paul and Melissa Howard came to the rescue. This was in the operating room.  

Sherry, MJ and Granny 

I love this picture of our friends.  They love to laugh and have fun.

Doing some serious You tube viewing. Men bond differently I guess. 

Granny enjoying a little visitor during their stay.

Just chilling on the deck enjoying the beautiful weather.

Michael translating for Jan

This is Brooke and her daughter Jocelyn, a cousin of Jan's whom he had never met so they made the trip and spent the morning with us.  Such precious time as Jan shared with Brooke all about her family in Poland.  IT proved to be a divine appointment and we got to pray with Brooke and her boyfriend Andrew before they left.  Don't you love when God arranges something unexpected?

For some reason I was not able to download the picture of Jan, Michael and PW at the shooting range. But I can tell you that Jan loves shooting and was giddy with joy when he found out PW knew someone with not only a shooting range, but owned a company where they actually make the guns.  PW arranged a tour and then shooting.  If you go to our FB page WayneandSherrySanders  you can see the picture of them with their guns.

These three were wonderful guests. We laughed a lot and talked at great length about the things the Lord is doing in our times.   Some guests feel like family from the first time they walk through our door and the Poles fit that category.  We look forward to the day when we are able to join them in Poland. 

I wanted to give an update on the moms also. Both are doing well, it is amazing to me how love makes a difference in someones life.  I think back to a year and half ago when my mom was so sick and her doctor told me she probably had 6 months to live at most.   Well God is the one who decides and meanwhile we have been making tons of memories.  God is good. 

Thanks for dropping in. We covet your prayers for us and would ask that you ask God to give us clear direction on our mission trips. 

Much love, 
PW and Sherry

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