Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Divine Appts.

So sorry that we did not post yesterday. The internet is giving us trouble and I had to wait to use the office computer.
Yesterday was a full day. Our time of ministry went well. Our class is small but all are definetly here by Gods appointment. Each one is hurting so badly and we have had many opportunities to do personal ministry and counsel with each one. Two of the ladies sit and just cry through the teachings. One lady told us that her pastor had told her that she was guilty of sin for not staying married to her husband who only lived with her for one month and then moved out for three years and fathered a child by someone else. Can you imagine? She has been living with this guilt and condemnation from his words. Today God gloriously set her free and the joy on her face was visible. Praise be His holy name. Pray for these people please.
Last night we had another divine appt. A local gypsy pastor came to talk to us and ask us to come to his church and minsiter on the family this Sunday. He said that in their culture that men are very controlling and women are expected to submit to everything and have no rights. He has been reading the bible and said he sees that things need to change and is asking for help. PTL again. We will also be joining he and his wife for lunch this friday at his home.
Today we taught on Loneliness and Depression in the morning and then this afternoon PW taught on Biblical Divorce and Remarriage. It was quite intensive and there were many questions afterward.
We hope to have our internet back tomorrow so we can post some pictures, but if not we will update without them and post pictures when we get home.
This morning Sherry fell down the stairs in our apartment. What a way to start a day. Not only did she cut her arm, but her already broken little toe was the target foot. :>)))))))
Please conitnue to pray for us as you think of us. The spiritual warfare is intense this time.
Love you all,
Pw and Sherry

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Lisa said...

Wow! God is really doing a work over there! Praise God! My heart aches for all those hurting people though. I will continue to pray. So sorry you took a fall! Agh! Miss you both!


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