Saturday, September 7, 2019

Busy season of Change

I have failed to post for awhile due to life happening.

The steps of the righteous are ordered by the Lord.  Psalm 37:23 so we try to go with the flow and trust God in the midst.

Last April after much prayer we sold our home of 16 years in Mentor Ohio after only one day and had 30 days to move to a condo we purchased in Chardon Ohio which is where our Church and family are located.  We definitely were surprised at the speed of the sale and the pressure of the move, but God used it in our lives to refine us and make us hopefully more like Jesus.

So moving from this lovely home to a condo was a huge change for us all. Wayne's mom had lived with us for 16 years and was 93.  As you know Sherry's mom passed away in 2017 so we did not need as much room.  The transition for Wayne's mom was difficult but she was a trooper and made the move with us. However, she had been in bad health for about a year and her health started to deteriorate quickly and one month after her 94th birthday on June 8 she died and is now with the Lord.  We are missing her but so thankful that she knew the Lord.  

Between the move and Wayne's moms illness we were not able to minster at the BSM school in Latvia in April. 

With these two major changes it freed us up to resume our mission trips. So in July we headed to Poland to minister at a Church family camp in the mountains with our dear friends Pastor Jan and Basia Sharbek.  It was a fun and fruitful week. We not only had the joy of preaching and teaching and ministering to the 85 people who came but we got to visit with our friend Mary Jill Callery as well who is a missionary and is with Jan and Basia in their Church.  And we had the privilege of meeting and ministering along side of a brother, Paul Richards from Australia who was the other speaker for the week.  And of course none of the teaching would have been possible without the help of our excellent translator Michael Wielgus. 

Pastor Jan and Basia Sharbek

Michael Wielgus and Mary Jill Callery 
Sherry and Mary Jill Callery

Wayne and Paul Richards

Ministry time at the end of a session

Some of the group who attended the camp

We are always so thankful for the privilege God gives us to serve him this way. We don't take it lightly and could not do it without the support of our family and Church.  Speaking of Church, Chardon Christian Fellowship is the most gracious group of saints. They love us and send us off with blessings each time and pray for us each day.  We like to say when we go they go.   

When we got home  Missionary friends Roger and Robin and Josiah Harsh, from Czech Republic came to stay with us.  They are the most delightful guests and so easy to be around.  We have ministered along side of them in Prague and Pilsen Czech Republic and they also minister in Uzghorod Ukraine where we minister often.  

Wayne and I and Roger, Robin and Josiah Harsh

Roger and Robin sharing about the work they do in Prague after  dinner.

Roger also preached to our congregation on Sunday morning.  After the service Roger and Robin prayed for individuals for over an hour while the rest of the congregation waited in the fellowship hall for them to come to dinner and share about their ministry.  It was a full day but so rich.  We are always refreshed by them when we are together. 

Harsh's left and the next week we had another set of guests stay with us for a wedding. 

Robert and Diane Lawson

Robert and Diane have stayed with us 2 times now when they have come to attend family weddings. The first one was for our Granddaughter Leah and her husband Will Holbrook, who is Roberts nephew and this time it was for Wills brother Caleb.  We have enjoyed getting to know these precious people.  Fellowship in Christ is always so refreshing. 

August was busy with all the end of summer activities. Wayne has started preaching a series on the book of Acts which has been very good. You can listen by going to our sermon Audio button.  

Please continue to pray for us to be attuned to God's assignments for us.  Sherry will be speaking at a women's retreat in October and doing a workshop at the Biblical Counseling Conference in March.  We hope to go to Ukraine and Poland in March or April to minister for 2 weeks.   

Blessings to you all.. 
Much love, 
PW and Sherry

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