Saturday, October 1, 2011

Church Picnic Ukranian Style

Traditional Sack Races

A special Ukranian soup cooked from scratch
over an open fire with all fresh ingredients.
It was delicious.

Two sisters who are Pastors wives
Elizabeth from Uzghorod
Angela from Chop with her new baby.

Sherry in a contest to see who can peel a potato, chop an onion and a
pepper in small pieces and slice a loaf of bread the quickest. I won the first round and
then in the final run, I had to make a sandwich for PW and he had to eat
it. My competitors husband chewed faster so she won the contest and the
ribbon. It was great fun.

Two little kids who thought it was fun to
walk in a tent. They rolled it all over the place.

Dads enjoying their little ones

A friendly game of soccer between the men

A few songs before the message

PW preaching a short message on relationships.
He was very funny and everyone was laughing.
The congregation had been encouraged to invite
unsaved friends and there were quite a few in
attendance. He ended the message by presenting
the gospel and telling them what true love was in
the form of the cross. Note the megaphone the translator
is holding. She has a soft voice so they brought this
for her to use while translating.

PW and I with Natalie and Nikola
We ended our day by having dinner with
them at a local pizza shop.

Two more days and we will be home. We are so homesick at this stage and look forward to seeing our family and church family.
We want to thank Pastor Bill and Edie for holding down the fort and going above and beyond the call of duty this time in ministry to our church family. What you do does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. You are the best.

Blessings to you all as you worship tomorrow.
PW and Sherry

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Lisa said...

Hi guys. Love all the beautiful pics. The picnic sounds like great fun! Congratulations Sherry for almost winning the contest! ;)

Pastor Bill has been outdoing himself in his messages on Sunday mornings. All I can say is, wow!! What a blessing he and Edie are to us. What grace God has poured out on CCF giving us you and PW and PB and Edie. I really am humbled when I think of it.

We had some visitors at church today. One of them was Jen Ann from Marci's. Yay! She finally came and visited with us. She and her little guy Blake seemed to really enjoy themselves. They stayed to fellowship for quite a while. And, she said she'd be back. ;)

We also had a Christian couple from the area looking for a new church. They got a very warm welcome from many people. They seemed touched by how freindly everyone was. They sat right in front of us and during the service. They were very engrossed in the sermon. The husband kept nodding his head. :)

We all miss you so much. Can't wait to have you home!!!


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