Wednesday, February 23, 2011

9 Days and counting

Wherever does time go? It seems like a year ago that we began thinking about this trip and here we are with only 9 days left . So you need a prayer update. We still have not reached our goal for financial needs but it is trickling in so please continue to pray for this. We need enough money to pay for our food and also a little extra for emergencies and unexpected expenses which always pop up.

We also could use continued prayer as we work on our new Divorce Recovery Seminar. Ministry needs here have kept us quite busy and therefore we have not had adequate time to prepare this seminar the way we would like. God is so faithful though and we know that he will guide and direct our teachings. Anyway, please keep those two needs in prayer.

Can you feel the shift in the atmosphere? With all the wars and rumors of wars and earthquakes taking place it definitely is getting exciting. What an honor it is to live in this season of history. We want to challenge you to preach the word of God to everyone you meet. Time is of the essence and who knows when we will hear that shout and hear that trumpet calling us home.
It is time to repent of any sins that have you in bondage and to start living a dedicated life to our Lord if you are not already doing so.

Grace and Peace,
PW and Sherry

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