Monday, June 23, 2008

June 23 Pastor Alexander

Pastor Alexander arrived safe and sound on Thursday and we have had a wonderful visit with him. He is such a dear friend and so full of the joy of the Lord. Thursday we took him for a drive to the Amish country farms. He was fascinated that in America where there is so much wealth that some people live this way. He thought they were poor and so we explained that it is a religious group that chooses to live without electricity and modern conveniences. We then took him to meet our daughters family and of course the dogs. On Friday Wayne and the interpreter took him to the Auto Museum in Cleveland. He loved looking at the old cars. That evening we had our elders and their wives over to meet him and share a meal. Needless to say he was worn out by Saturday.
The service on Sunday was wonderful. Thank you to those of you who came to meet him. He preached a wonderful message about our weight with God. If you would like a copy of the message, call our church office and order one. You should have seen us fellowshiping with him at home after our interpreter left. We did quite well with our Russian phrase book and charades. We sure laughed allot, but it is amazing how much you can communicate without words. All in all it was a wonderful time with him and as we sent him off today we were already looking forward to our next time together next spring in Zhitomyr. Please pray for the work that he does in his country. He is a humble godly man and really is a true Christ follower. He oversees 23 churches that his church has planted and he has great influence in his city and has been used of God to bring the pastors and churches together in unity. His focus in totally on Jesus and His kingdom and we are sure that is why God uses him so mightily. We promise to get pictures on the site as soon as we get them on a cd so we can transfer them.
We leave this Sunday the 29 and will post as often as we can to keep you updated on what the Lord is doing. Thanks again for all the prayers and financial support. You go with us and will reap a reward along with us.

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