Friday, April 21, 2017

The Eagles have landed

I just got off face time with my precious husband.  He looks good however very tired.  Not unusual for him since he does not sleep on the plane very well.  He said the trip was uneventful which always makes me happy.

I asked about the hotel and he smiled and reminded me of a tiny hotel room we stayed in years ago and said this was smaller but adequate and clean.  

Below is Paul's first impression of Latvia:

We made it to the Hotel. Natasha met us at airport and drove us to hotel. This would remind you a lot of Germany .. a lot. Flat .. ash trees and tall pines .. little houses with gardens. The hotel actually appears to be the town gymnasium, with about 6 rooms that serve as hotel. We are less than 1 km from school and across the street from school is grocery store. Spring is just arriving (buds on trees - no flowers yet).

I love hearing someones first impression of the places we minister. I know this is going to be a great trip for the guys and I cannot wait to start posting pictures and reports of the days.

Please pray specifically that they both get a good nights rest tonight and tomorrow night and that they are fresh on Sunday to minister the word.

Much love,
Sherry who has stayed behind.  :>((((

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